Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

Lawless: Gangster, Illegal Business, and the Brotherhood of Eternal

"WHEN YOU SO YOU STILL DO NOT LET ME was no one to hurt you" - Forrest Bondurant (TOM HARDY)
Hey! It is one piece of the conversation in the latest movie that will soon appear in cinemas in Indonesia, namely Lawless. Background in the 1930s movie Lawless is adapted from the true story of the Bondurant family came from Franklin county, Virginia is Forrest Bondurant (Tom Hardy), Howard Bondurant (Jason Clarke), Jack Bondurant (Shia LaBeouf). Three of them ngejalanin liquor business and smuggling. Whew, sadiisss! To nutupin this illegal business, they ngejalanin other businesses. The local police so that they could bribe Bondurant brothers do not ever handled at local law enforcement. And ya trouble starts when a law enforcer from Chicago, Deputy Charlie rakes (Guy pearce) came in and tried to stop their business. Violence can not dihindarin and they also have to face the ruthless mob boss.

In this film the Forrest (Tom Hardy) nunjukin how to be a good sister, and uphold the dignity of the family name. Setting the film who was really detail makes us so tasteless get into the 30s.

For you fans of the film's action drama movie can be your choice. And for her fans Shia LaBeouf deh do not expect him acting crazy in the movie Transformers rich gini:

Aaaaaiiiihhh die !!!!
Before watching this movie to watch first try deh deh Lawless movie trailer below !! KWUUUUKKK !!

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